Fruit Frolic

Fruit Frolic

A simple and funny puzzle game with fruits similar to Columns
3.3  (8 votes)

Fruit Frolic is a simple puzzle game similar to others like "Columns", just align 3 or more blocks, symbols or elements (of the same kind) and they disappear from the screen, making more space on the board. Then, the game is over when you reach the top of the screen.
In this case the symbols are just fruits. Bananas, grapes, apples and more. When you put some of them together, we can hear a funny "splat!" sound and they blow up.
Speaking about visual effects, the game is not ugly, but it does not offer anything interesting to your eyes. Graphics are very simple and more or less colorful. Maybe the menu system could be done better.
What comes to the BGM (background music), it is deliciously soft and calm, really nice. But after a few minutes of play, it becomes a little bit repetitive, but not really annoying.
My overall impression about the game is that you will not miss anything if you don't try it...unless you are really a big fan of puzzle games, and you have enough time to spend with any game.

Review summary


  • Actually, I liked the music...I don't know why exactly


  • I don't like this genre of games, definitely there are some better ones
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